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Earth Matters

Earth Matters description page Earth Matters

Earth Matters is a puzzle game where you try to get the Pollution to the recycle bin through clever use of four Elemental types. Create reactions by launching Air, Earth, Fire and Water Elementals, and having them collide at the right spots. Positioning reactions correctly is key to completing each level.

Play across seven continents, and even outer space, cleaning up pollution as you go.

Legacy Games


Batty description page Batty

Batty is a tilt-control flying game with a twist. You have to chirp, by tapping the screen, to use echolocation to see. Of course flying and chirping use water and food, so you have to refuel along the way.


SpinWord description page SpinWord

SpinWord is a word-based strategy game where you place letters on a wheel in order to spell words.  Keep spelling words to keep the wheel from filling up, but you have to deal with special tiles too.

Crazy Courier

Crazy Courier description page Crazy Courier

Crazy Courier is a tile-sliding puzzle-strategy game. Your vehicle moves on top of road tiles that you must slide into place in order to navigate around the city. In doing so successfully, you can pick up packages and make deliveries. The more deliveries you make, the more of the cities 9 districts you can unlock. Each district you unlock around the city brings new challenges, including traffic that you must avoid.

Modern Art

Modern Art description page Modern Art is Gold Medal Games first title.

Modern Art is a single player strategy game where you compete against a computer opponent to maximize the paintings value.  By alternating turns and putting a new paint splotch on the canvas, then mixing with the nearby colors, the audience ups their bid by the amount of color they see that they are currently in the mood for.

Test your wits against three levels of increasing difficulty AI, or play solo mode and try to get the highest score you can all by yourself.