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SpinWord is a word-based strategy game, and will be available for purchase via the iTunes App Store.  In SpinWord you are given tiles with letters on them.  Your goal is to place the letter tiles on the word-wheel to spell words forwards or backwords.  Each time you spell a word you receive points, and the letter-tiles used to spell the word are removed from the wheel.  By spelling words you keep the wheel from filling up.  If the wheel fills up, the game ends.

New Version (2.0) and Game Mode: Catalyst

With verison 2.0 of SpinWord, a new type of puzzle has been added named Catalyst. It is a series of 14 puzzles, each cleared by correctly placing a single letter. When placed correctly, the letter will trigger a chain reaction that clears the entire board. The number of words in each puzzle is indicated by the words remaining indicator, "Words: x". Each word in the puzzle is the same length as indicated by the word length indicator, "Length: y". For example if Words: 2, and Length: 5, the puzzle consists of two five-letter words. There will be 9 letters on the wheel, and one in the middle that when placed correctly spells 1 word, triggering a chain reaction that completes the second word finishing the level.

SpinWord 2.0 Features: Catalyst Hints:

Special Thanks:

At Gold Medal Games we really appreciate friends and family that helped beta-test SpinWord. Thank you to Todd Funderburg, Patrick Flannery, Chris Miskell, Mary Jones, and 2 more that helped make SpinWord a great game.


SpinWord screen image

How to play:

There is an in-game tutorial with similar information on how to play SpinWord that you can access from the main menu.

Placing Tiles
Touch a point on the wheel to move the letter from middle to the wheel: placing a tile

Spelling Words
Spell words forwards or backwards: CAR or ARC in this case.  The wheel will spin so it can be read correctly.

spelling a word

Clearing Words
When a long enough word is spelled, points are awarded and it is cleared from the wheel.

clearing a word

The longest word will automatically be cleared.  If the wheel fills with tiles then the game ends.

Toxic and Frozen Tiles
Frozen tiles must be used as a group.  Toxic tiles spread their toxicity if not cleared off.

frozen and toxic tiles

If there are only frozen or toxic tiles remaining on the wheel, then the game ends.

Special Tiles
Remove tile - Removes a selected tile from the wheel.

Copy tile - Copies a tile from the wheel.

Swaps two tiles - Swaps the position of two non-frozen tiles on the wheel.

Freezes tiles - Freezes tiles together.

Game Modes
    Normal - Play for as long as you can with increasing levels of difficulty in order to get a high-score.

    Daily Dare - Compete worldwide each day with a new daily challenge.  Everyone gets the exact same tiles for a given day.

    10-10 Test - Complete 10 levels of quickly increasing difficulty to become a SpinWord expert.

Base letter values
A = 3 H = 8 O = 4 V = 10
B = 9 I = 3 P = 7 W = 10
C = 6 J = 10 Q = 10 X = 10
D = 8 K = 10 R = 4 Y = 9
E = 1 L = 6 S = 5 Z = 10
F = 10 M = 8 T = 5
G = 9 N = 4 U = 7

    Example: CAT = 6 + 3 + 5 = 14 points

Scoring Bonuses
Toxic tiles 5 x Base letter value (listed above)
Clear wheel + 100 points
Chain reaction x 10
Rotator x 2