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Here at Gold Medal Games we are dedicated to making the world a better place through great gameplay.  From now on, we donate a percentage of our revenue to specific charities.  We are working on a new line of games.  The first title in our new line is Earth Matters.  Earth Matters is dedicated to cleaning up pollution, and while dedicated to charity, we focus on gameplay, the thing that keeps people playing our games.

Latest News

3/2/2023 Modified level to work better on Android tablets for Earth Matters(alpha)
2/26/2023 Earth Matters(alpha) bug fix release for platinum achievement.  Bonus time adjustments for all levels.  Additional level tweaks
2/25/2023 Gold Medal Games is looking to partner with a nature-related charity that can provide regular progress statistics, that we can display in Earth Matters.   This allows players to track the goodness their donations provide.
2/22/2023 Earth Matters(alpha) update: background music with unique original tracks for each area
2/17/2023 Earth Matters icon  Earth Matters is about ready for beta testing!