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Batty is a tilt-control flying game with a twist. You have to chirp, by tapping the screen, to use echolocation to see. Of course flying and chirping use water and food, so you have to refuel along the way. Eating mosquitos and flies increases your food supply, and skimming the water for a drink refills your water supply. Everything else needs to be avoided while you fly through each level.

Special Thanks:

At Gold Medal Games we really appreciate friends and family that are helping beta-test SpinWord.


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How to play:

There is an in-game tutorial with animations demonstrating how to play Batty.

Batty is controlled by tilting your device. Batty flies up and down, faster and slower, based on which direction you tilt. Batty needs to avoid running into obstacles to continue flying.

Tapping the screen causes Batty to chirp, temporarily making obstacles visible, before they fade away again.

Water is consumed as Batty flies along. To replenish Batty's water, fly down and skim along the water. The water meter is located on the top left of the screen and is visible at all times while playing. The water meter is normally blue, however when it gets low a warning noise sounds and it turns red until it refills. If Batty completely runs out of water your game will end.

Each time Batty chirps to see, it uses up the food supply. The remaining food is shown on the food-meter on the top right of the screen. Food can be refilled by eating mosquitos and flies. If Batty runs out of food, then chirping no longer works, and Batty will likely quickly run into an obstacle ending the game.

Unlocking New Levels
Each time Batty completes a level it unlocks the next level. There are 6 total levels of increasing difficulty.

1000 Mosquitos - Earned by eating 1000 mosquitos

100 Flies - Eat 100 flies to earn this badge.

20000 Points - Score 20,000 points on a single level.

100 Spiders - Cut the webs of 100 spiders.

10 Chirps - Complete a level by chirping 10 or less times.

2 Minutes - Complete a level in 2 minutes or less.

YOLO - Complete all 6 levels on a single life.